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Bridgestone Tyres

At One Stop Tyre Centre we also recommend Bridgestone tyres to our customers. Being the world’s largest tyre manufacturer, and an exemplar of Japanese precision, their tyres delivers only the best performance.

Reasons to choose Bridgestone

      • They invest more than £619 million in research and development every year.
      • Bridgestone tyres are tested across 10 proving grounds situated across 8 countries.
      • Ever month they test 10,000 tyres in just one of these proving grounds.
      • They test their tyres on more than 200 varieties of cars.
      • They were the first company who started to manufacture rayon cord tyres.
      • Bridgestone has a long association with motorsports including a successful era in F1.

These facts are enough to justify why automobile exerts all around the world prefer this brand of tyres. With Bridgestone car tyres, your car certainly will deliver the best performance.

We sell all varieties of car tyres

After your car tyres are worn to a tread depth of 2mm, you must swap them for a new set. There are different varieties of car tyres that are suited for various driving needs.

Good news for you, at One Stop Tyre Centre in Tamworth, we sell all the verities of car tyres.

Some of the few Bridgestone car tyre models sold in our garage


      • Tread design with moderately deep groove patterns optimised for ride comfort.
      • Low tread wear rate and reduced fuel consumption thanks to slick sidewalls and compound.
      • Delivers stable driving in all ordinary city roads in Tamworth.


      • Bridgestone’s Nano Protech technology affects the interaction between the elements in a tyre’s tread compound. The result is low resistance and greater energy conservation.
      • Low tyre weight due to lighter tyre construction.
      • Lower noise emission from tread patterns due to the application of Convex block design for Adaptive Contact Surface.
      • 3D cut bridging ribs imparts high block stiffness which results in high cornering stability. It also reduces irregular tread wear.
      • Fuel efficiency without compromising on safety makes these the best Bridgestone car tyres in Tamworth for daily city commutes.


      • These tyres utilise Bridgeton’s Runflat technology that enables you to continue to drive for 50 miles at up to 50 mph.
      • Application of innovative cooling fins lowers heat build-up and improves durability and safety.
      • Connected shoulder blocks that result in optimised contact pressure, which leads to superior cornering stability.
      • Tyre tread compound with high silica content facilitates short stopping distance.

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