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Are you looking for Puncture Repair Tamworth for your vehicle?

Any small object left on the road can cause a tyre puncture, sharp objects such as screws, nails and glass shards are the most common causes. Worn out tyres that are unable to withstand the load of a car and bad workmanship can also result in puncture. Even though the damage may appear small, it is important to have the tyre inspected by an expert to ascertain the full extent of the damage, including whether there is any secondary damage caused by driving on the tyre at low pressure. When it comes to expertise in tyre repair Tamworth motorists rely on One Stop Tyre Centre.

What should you do in case you experience a puncture?

When a puncture occurs, do not press the brakes as hard as possible. When you apply sudden brakes, your vehicle tends to skid uncontrollably. It is recommended to bring the car slowly to rest while pulling it to the sides of the highways.

Don't forget to switch on your hazard lights to let your fellow drivers know that you are facing some difficulty with your car. If you have a spare tyre and necessary tools, then change it, if it is safe to do so, for the time being and bring your vehicle to us for expert repair/fitting.

There are different kinds of punctures, which includes:

Slow leaks - when your car tyres take days to leak out the complete air, the puncture is called a slow leak. A slow leak is less dangerous if discovered in the early stage and can be repaired easily.

Blow Outs - when your tyre bursts out and becomes flat within minutes, the puncture is referred to as a blowout. It can be extremely dangerous and should be dealt with care. Tyres are not repaired in case of a blowout.

Even though punctures can be repaired with the right tools in the hands of skilled technicians, there are many cases wherein it is not permissible by law to repair punctures, which are as follows:

  • It is a run-flat tyre.
  • Tread depth is below the acceptable thickness of 1.6mm.
  • The hole lies outside the 3/4th area from the centre of the tyre.
  • If the tyre has been repaired before.
  • The hole has a diameter of more than 6mm.

To get the most reliable puncture repair Tamworth car owners must bring their vehicle to One Stop Tyre Centre. At One Stop Tyre Centre, we pay extra care to every damaged tyre and hence, will carry out the necessary repairs within no time. Our service is highly recommended by our customers here at Tamworth. You don't have to take their words for a fact; try our services for yourself. We will be happy to help you.

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