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Are you looking for Summer Tyres for your vehicle?


Summer tyres are considered the standard car tyres across the UK. Most cars come factory fitted with these tyres. As such, every tyre manufacturer has a selection of these tyres at competitive prices. Also known as performance tyres, these are designed to provide excellent dry and wet traction along with precise handling. These tyres exhibit specific properties, which are conducive to driving during those conditions, and you’ll experience superior handling characteristics along with excellent fuel economy and drive comfort with these tyres.

Summer tyres have some particular characteristics that which make them uniquely suited whether it’s baking hot, slightly damp or raining heavily on the road. They’re made from a tread compound (the mix of rubber and fillers that make up the tread) containing sticky additives for road grip in wet conditions. But this tread blend also provides enough stiffness so tyres hold up and retain their shape when the heat is on. This keeps rolling resistance to a minimum on hot pavement. It is advisable to use these tyres if the temperature in your region stays consistently above 7°C.

    Some of the unique features of summer tyres are as follows:

    • Summer tyres are made from a rubber-polymer compound which is hard by nature. It ensures that the tyres do not lose shape even when the tarmac is scorching.
    • These tyres also feature shallow grooves with full shoulder blocks, which help dissipate excess heat quickly.
    • Although you can use them on any vehicle, summer tyres are best suited for high-performance and sports cars.
    • You should not use summer tyres when it’s freezing outside as these tyres tend to become stiff and even brittle under harsh winter conditions.

    These tyres are on the lower side of the price with durability second to none which makes them universally available

    At One Stop Tyre Centre, we have an exclusive collection of summer tyres from every major tyre manufacturer in the world. Some popular models at our garage are mentioned here.

    • Bridgestone Potenza S007
    • Michelin Pilot Sport 3
    • Continental SportContact6
    • Dunlop Sport Maxx RT
    • Continental ExtremeContact DW

    All these tyres have received excellent acclamation from our clients who have bought it. There are many other models available at our garage which you can browse through any time you visit our garage. Our experienced automobile experts will be happy to guide you through.

    Drop by at One Stop Tyre Centre in Tamworth today to buy from the most extensive collection of summer tyres or our purchase tyres online from our website. You’re sure to get the best deal either way.

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