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Fully Fitted Price Includes:

  • Wheel cleaning service
  • Wheel mounting service
  • Wheel balancing service
  • Scraping of old tyres
  • New valves (TPMS Valve excluded)

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One Stop Tyre Centre - The Trusted Name for Tyres Tamworth

Welcome to One Stop Tyre Centre. We are a highly advanced store and the first choice for tyres Tamworth. Our facility is a reserve for an extensive range of tyres that is capable of catering to any need. The tyres are hand-picked from quality brands like Pirelli, Bridgestone, Dunlop, and Goodyear, etc. to deliver as promised – a quality tyre for every need.

We believe in our skilled and dedicated technicians who are here for you. Today we stand proud, having built ourselves a high reputation in the market of tyres selling and offering other tyre services, and it is just because of our experts here in the facility. They make tyre related services swift, affordable, and also reliable.

Our services

Tyre Fitting:  We use hi-tech machines that are capable of mounting brand new tyres on your vehicle’s wheels. The machines also get added support from our experts that further ensures the right fitting of your tyres. It is necessary to provide maximum safety. Any faulty in the fitting service leads to severe consequences, and our experts know that; therefore, they pay extra attention while installing your car tyres.

Puncture Repair

In case you encounter a puncture in the middle of nowhere and are in desperate need of a repair centre, bring your vehicle to us. Our technicians will get it repaired within no time, and if it is unrepairable, we can help you choose the best fit for new tyres for your vehicle, here at our centre. We don’t repair tyres that are impermissible by law to repair. Accordingly, we advise the drivers’ community to get new ones as the unrepairable tyres may jeopardise your safety and that of others while on the road.

Wheel Alignment and balancing:

Wheel alignment is responsible for many consequences related to your car tyres. When the alignment is off, your tyres will face uneven wear, and you will also struggle with steering your vehicle. When you get new tyres installed to your vehicle or drive your car through a pothole, your alignment gets a little off. But don’t worry for a bit; our experts here will get your wheels aligned easily and swiftly.

Another issue related to the wheels of your car is their balance. It is often seen that when new tyres are fitted to your car, they are not balanced. With our tyre fitting, we assure that your wheels are accurately balanced and perfectly aligned.

Why should you choose us?

Customers love One Stop Tyre Centre when it comes to tyres Tamworth, but why it is best for you? We have the following reasons to justify the claim of being a mass favourite and most chosen:

  • We value time, be it ours or our customers, and hence, our delivery service is always on time.
  • We provide affordable tyres and also its related services, delivered at the hands of seasoned technicians.
  • Our highly competitive and skilled team of experts have the experience as well as the knack for handling that latest service equipment.

If you have had a sour tooth while getting your car serviced with a local garage, this time give us a try. We, here at One Stop Tyre Centre, assure you that you will be thoroughly content with our services.