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Situated at the point where A51 crosses river Tame and Coventry canal, Hopwas is a hamlet in the Staffordshire district. If you are a resident of this region, you probably already know about One Stop Tyre Centre.

We retail a wide variety of tyres Hopwas of all makes and models. With brands like Bridgestone, Michelin, and Pirelli, we ensure you top quality tyres. We also stock cheap tyres Hopwas from brands like Landsail, Nexen and Avon.

All tyres near me searches will find their perfect fit with us as we sell variants like summer, winter, all-season, 4x4, run-flat, and UHP. You can buy these tyres from us online. Enter your vehicle registration number or tyre size to peruse our online tyre catalogue.

If you are having trouble picking out the right tyre for your car, take the help of our experts. They will help find the right tyre for your vehicle keeping factors like budget, tyre size, fuel efficiency etc., in mind.

We also offer various related services. These include –

Puncture repair

Getting a tyre puncture repaired in due time can help you save with sizeable savings. Our technicians can effectively seal and fix a puncture so you can save on the expenses of getting a tyre change.

Wheel alignment Hopwas

Misaligned wheels can cause several issues, like –

      • Discomfort while driving
      • Off-centred steering wheel
      • Vehicle shifting lanes, especially when driving at high speed
      • Uneven tread wear
      • Poor fuel efficiency

To avoid these issues, get regular wheel alignments checks from professionals like us. Our technicians effectively rectify the camber, caster, and toe angles according to the manufacturer’s standards if we observe any discrepancies.

Wheel balancing

We recommend getting your car’s wheel balance checked after driving every 5000 miles at our garage. Imbalance in wheels can damage other elements like the suspension system. It also causes uneven tread wear and can be a possible safety hazard.

We check for discrepancies by running the wheel on an advanced balancing machine. These discrepancies are then fixed by attaching counterweights to balance out the uneven distribution.

We offer other services like tyre pressure checks too!

We perform all these services with great expertise and in no time. Visit our garage at 2, Heron Court, Kettlebrook Rd, Tamworth B77 1AG.

You can also call us on 0182 721 3697 for bookings and more information.

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